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Set, Bump, Spike, and Remember to Keep Shoulders Free of Injury During Volleyball

Volleyball involves repetitive and strenuous use of the upper extremities, and the shoulder joint is at risk for both acute and overuse injuries. The overhead motions such as serving, spiking, and blocking can place sudden and heavy strain on a number of structures around the shoulder joint. The most common shoulder injuries in volleyball players […]

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The Naples Tale of the Torn ACL: A Common Twist to Athletes’ Well Being

By Tyler Mosher      @TMosh4UI     Sep 04, 2015   A simple catch and move up field turned into another season-ending injury for a premiere athlete. The latest unlucky victim: Green Bay Packers’ wideout Jordy Nelson.   After hauling in what appeared to be a routine grab and attempting to make a move to […]

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Supplements for Athletes: What Should I Be Taking?

Athletes are always looking for ways to be faster, stronger, or have more energy. Every day we are inundated with advertisements claiming to enhance sport performance with various pills, drinks, meal supplements, or cleanses. With so many supplementations available on the market it can be confusing and overwhelming as to what, if anything, people should […]

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