Dear Dr. Havig,
On Tuesday, November 17th, my husband and I visited your office. We were so well cared for during our visit and I am grateful to you and Danielle Gumina for the care that you provided. My husband is a Dementia patient. As Ms. Gumina was doing her intake evaluation she was very kind and compassionate with my husband. She asked him questions and very subtly glanced at me for any updates or corrections to the information he provided.
As both of you evaluated my husband, you asked questions clearly and easily, making it easy for him to know how to respond. Your explanation of what you were going to do and what his options were easy for him to understand.
Thank you and your team very much for your excellent care. We are also grateful that the shot you gave him has provided him significant relief from the pain in his knee.
The happiest of holiday seasons to you and your team!
S.R. – Naples, FL

Thank you for excellent care