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Joint Replacement

A healthy joint is formed by the ends of two bones that are connected by a layer of a cartilage. When cartilage is strong and normal, it allows for pain-free movement. But when cartilage is worn or torn, joints become stiff and painful.


If you experience debilitating joint pain that limits your lifestyle and medicine or therapy just haven’t worked, you may want to talk with Dr. Havig about joint replacement surgery. Dr. Havig specialized in knee and shoulder joint replacement.


Common Reasons for Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery may be a preferred option if you suffer from these conditions:


  • OSTEOARTHRITIS: The breaking down of joint cartilage. Obesity, ligament tears, joint fractures, deformed joints, or defective cartilage can lead to or cause osteoarthritis.
  • RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: Chronic inflammation of the joint lining. This form of arthritis often causes pain, swelling, and stiffness. It can enter and damage the bone and cartilage in some cases.
  • OTHER REASONS: Including bone tumors, poor blood supply, trauma, or connective tissue disorders.


Understand The Procedure

Joint replacement surgery is an elective procedure. Dr. Havig will explain the benefits and risks of surgery. The more you know and understand about the procedure you’ll be going through, the more capable you’ll be to face the challenges and changes following surgery.
Dr. Havig uses the most advanced techniques and technologies when performing  joint replacements. Some patients will benefit when having a Makoplasty (Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Surgery).
We’ll help you understand what to expect before and after your surgery. Our minimally-invasive approach to surgery reduces blood loss, leaves less scarring, and is less painful. You’ll recover more quickly and resume your normal lifestyle sooner.



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