Skiing and snowboarding have become a favorite pastime for many Americans. However, before one embarks on a ski/snow board excursion, it is important to recognize that these activities are very physically demanding and can cause injury. However, with a little preseason conditioning, including aerobic exercises and strength training, you should be able to keep in your boots all season.
Both activities require a lot of energy and a poorly conditioned skier may fatigue early if not properly conditioned. Consequently, he or she will be less able to control their skis or snowboard and may fall more easily, causing an injury. A reasonable approach for the ski/snow board enthusiast is to embark on an aerobic conditioning program approximately six weeks before the first winter trip. A goal of 30 minutes of sustained aerobic activity three times a week is attainable and will reap dividends on the slopes. Biking, elliptical machines and swimming are all low impact and are especially kind to the joints.
Both skiing and snowboarding are very demanding on the thigh muscles. Weak quads may cause one to assume a straightened knee posture, which, in turn renders the knee more vulnerable to injury. A simple twice-a-week leg strengthening program can yield appreciable strength gains for the entire thigh. Three sets of 8-12 repetitions
of leg extensions and leg curls may produce strength gains exceeding 20 percent in as little as six weeks. Stronger legs not only mean less injury, but also will allow one to comfortably ski longer. For more specific training programs, speak with a qualified trainer at your gym or local recreation center.
Winter is a great time to get out and get some exercise on the slopes. With proper preparation now you’ll be ableto enjoy safe, winter fun all season..