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Welcome to Michael T. Havig, MD - Sports Medicine Specialist


We hope you find this site a valuable resource. It is meant to be an additional source of information in helping you make informed decisions regarding your healthcare.


Dr. Havig offers a full array of orthopedic services. Most of our patients don’t require surgery and are successfully treated with conservative measures. This may include physical therapy, anti-inflammatory/ pain medicine, injections and other treatments.


While our philosophy provides for a conservative approach, sometimes surgery is recommended, generally it is because conservative treatment has failed to improve your condition to a satisfactory level or because your condition will not reasonably improve without it.


The following services represent the main areas of our practice.

  • Sports Medicine
  • Knee Arthroscopy (ACL reconstruction, meniscus, debridement, lateral release)
  • Shoulder Arthroscopy (rotator cuff, labral tears, impingement, instabilities)
  • Joint Replacements (knee & shoulder)
  • Fracture Care (reduction, casting, surgical intervention)
  • General Orthopedics (elbow, wrist, ankle)


Dr. Michael T. Havig

Dr. Michael T. Havig

Board certified orthopedic surgeon who has provided orthopedic care for Olympic Athletes.

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